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Massage and Acupuncture

The Area of Complementary Health is generating considerable interest among patients and consumers.  Magellan has established provider networks in the areas of acupuncture and therapeutic massage.  See the attached summaries for further information on these specialties.

Acupuncture Education

Massage Education

Patient Safety

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) created a Patient Fact Sheet regarding what you can do to promote safer health care.

Five Steps to Safer Healthcare


How long do you need to stretch?  The following article discusses a study on stretching.

Stretching Duration

Cardiovascular Risks for Women

Recent research has concluded that Cardiovascular Disease is a major health concern for women. Cardiovascular Disease in women has been related to worse mortality outcomes than in men. Below is a link from the American Heart Association regarding facts about women and Cardiovascular Disease.

Cardiovascular Risks for Women

Complementary Health

The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) was established by Congress in 1998 as part of the National Institute for Health (NIH).  Their mission is to support research on complementary and alternative medicine and to provide information for the public and professionals on what works, what does not and why.  For a summary of what is complementary and alternative medicine, here is a link to the NCCAM:

What is CAM?

Patient Rights and Responsibilities

All patients are entitled to certain rights and services from Magellan contracted providers and staff. You also have a responsibility to participate in their health care. A good relationship between you and your health care provider will enhance our ability to provide appropriate services and your ability to receive the maximum benefit from the services available.

Patient Rights and Responsibilities


Magellan is a founding member of the National Association of Specialty Health Organizations (NASHO).  This organization was developed to integrate specialty health organizations into the health care reimbursement model.  Examples of these organizations include:  dental, vision, radiology, behavioral health, and chiropractic. For additional information, the web site link is



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